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Awoken Skill


I was wondering if you could make a max power transformation for HUM/SYM


For SYM nah. Saiyan race already has many transformations. But for HUM yes, definitely. It should've a cool animation.

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hey haz its inuyasha fan form discord the skill id like you to make for me is this kaioken-kaiokenx10-kaiokenx20-fury-false ssj-ssj-acended ssj-ultra ssj-mastered ssj-super kaioken-ssj2-ssj rage-ssj3-ssj4-ssj5-ssj6-ssj7-ssj8-ssg-ssb-ssbkk-ssbkkx10-ssbkkx20-mssb-ssbe-omni ssj-omni super kaioken-ultra instinct-mastered ultra instinct and could you please make it that each stage has its own hair id so that i can change the hair


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