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A Guide To Android Gaming Hacks Without Root Access

A Guide To Android Gaming Hacks Without Root Access

Getting access to your favourite game mods apk is not always a simple download-and-run process on android devices. These devices generally require root access to enable run mods of your android game. Hacking an android game means exploiting lapses or openings in a game’s system or coding or utilising a game’s unpatched errors to make changes to the gameplay. Generally, the only way to hack android games is through apps with root access. Although this method remains the most effective one, we will guide you on how you can hack your device without root access. Below are the three best ways you can hack an android game without root access:

1. Lucky Patcher. One of the most commonly used apps for android gaming hacks is Lucky Patcher. However, this app only works with offline games that do not require any online verification or logging. There is a detailed guide on how to use the Lucky Patcher app below.
2. Auto-Clicker. Auto-clicker applications are useful for games that require heavy clicking. Automatic Clicker by Simple Hat is currently the leading choice and is accessible on the Google Play Store. The app will click on any location of your screen in a customisable manner.
3. Change your time settings. This method works with games that use the time to regenerate resources.

The Best Game Hacking Apps Of 2021

Right before we delve into the best game hacking apps of 2021, a brief caveat: not every mobile game is hackable. It is a lot easier to hack games whose files are saved offline than online games, as online games are regularly updated and modified.

One of the most popular game hacking apps of 2021 is HackerBot. Besides providing gaming tips and tricks on its website, it provides easily searched cheats to help you with extra lives, cash and high scores. HackerBot is one of the few gaming apps that work without root access. Other apps that work with only root access are Game Guardian, Xmod games, Freedom APK, Cheat Engines, and Leo Playcard.

A Guide To Root-Free Game Hacks with Lucky Patcher App

The Lucky Patcher app is one of the best root-free solutions to game hacks. Lucky Patcher is only downloadable from its official website. Ensure that you have enabled the installation of apps from unknown sources in your phone’s settings. Once installed, open the app, then tap no to all the modal pop-up messages that may appear. Next, select the game you wish to hack. The game should be already pre-installed in your system. Once you have selected a game, click on “menu of patches”.

There are various ways you can mod your game. You can either remove Google Ads and license verification, multi-patch the app, modify APK permissions, rebuild the APK for LVL and In-app emulation, or resign with a test signature. If you aim to exploit in-game resources, then select the rebuild the APK for LVL and In-app emulation. This option will allow you to upload your own rebuilt application or rebuild with either LVL or in-app emulation. Once a selection has been made, click on “Rebuild Your App”. After rebuilding is complete, uninstall the original game. Next, use file manager to access your local storage. Search for “Lucky Patcher” in your Android folder. A “Modified” sub-folder in your “Lucky Patcher” folder contains your game mod apk. Install and run.

Is Hacking Android Games Illegal?

Though Android gaming hacks are actually legal, they are frowned upon by gaming purists. There is a strong argument that you do not own the game but only the right to play. However, a gamer with full rights to play the original version of a game has every right to decide whether or not to modify the game to remove the limitations of the game on his device. However, hacking online games can disrupt the experience of thousands of gamers. Most games are generally restrictive, and hacks are the only way to remove the limitations hindering gameplay.

Hacking in its true sense must be distinguished from stealing a code for personal use, which is, in fact, an illegal act. Our Android Gaming Hacks provided here will help you remove the sluggish, restrictive nature of most games and give you access to a faster, more thrilling play. Our website is regularly updated with the latest Gaming Hacks tips and tricks to help you live the gamer’s dream.