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The Zen Of Gaming - Reviews, Mods, Hacks, Tricks and More

The Zen Of Gaming - Reviews, Mods, Hacks, Tricks and More

Are you a game hacker or enthusiast? If your answer is yes, then welcome home. Zen of Gaming is home to the latest in gaming trends, tips, hacks, mods, and game reviews for the true game lover. Millions of gamers are online daily, seeking to add a little more excitement to their favourite games. A safe, trusted and reliable platform that provides them with all they need to fulfill their gaming desires wouldn’t hurt. This is what Zen of Gaming is here to offer you – a safe platform to find and access the latest game cheats, bots, and hacks.

We are the zen of gaming, the home of experts who will provide you with never-seen-before gameplay insights. From free game cash, coins, to extra lives and weapons, we have the hacks to solve it all. Our solutions are not limited to offline games but an enormous collection of online games for your reading pleasure. Our role is to help you maximise your gaming pleasure, and we do it with love.

Pokemon Go Hack - How To Spoof Your Location

Released in 2016, Pokemon Go has proven to be one of the slightly more complex mobile gaming applications to hack. Due to the nature of Pokemon – using real-time user location to create an augmented reality for the creation and training of Pokemons, it has been pretty hard to cheat the game. Since pokemon characters are location-based, the only way to beat the system is to spoof.

Pokemon Go spoofing is available on both iOS and Android devices. First, ensure that Pokemon Go is installed on your smartphone. iOS devices need to enable background app refresh on your iOS device by tapping on Wi-Fi and mobile data. Next, turn off your phones auto-rotation by sliding down the phone’s top menu. Next, close all open apps and go to Next, search for Pokemon Go++ in the search engine. Tap on the Pokemon Go++ and select “Start Injection.” Android devices have to follow all the steps listed above except enabling background refresh.

How to Prevent Your Online Gaming Account From Getting Hacked

Online gaming has presented a new world of possibilities. Augmented reality, advanced interactive gameplay, and an infinite amount of outcomes have all become a reality. In spite of these advantages, users have experienced even greater exposure to hacking than ever before. There are, however, a few tips to prevent your online gaming account from getting hacked. Before providing an insight into the recovery process, protect your account first. Turn on 2-factor authentication, change your passwords regularly and report any unauthorised access to your account. Never use the same passwords on each site. We have done away with the days when gamers could use the same username and password on all accounts.

Once your account is hacked, follow these steps. First, report the incident to the website admins and follow the recovery process they have provided. If there is no account recovery process, then reach out to customer care. Next, change the password to any accounts using the same login details. It will also help to inform friends and connections on those platforms that your account has been hacked. If all else fails, you may wish to involve the security agencies. In England, Wales and Ireland, a report of your account hacking to Action Fraud can help recover access to your account

Zen of Gaming Perks: Starting a Gaming Career

Many emerging markets have seen hundreds of millions of new gamers over the past decade. Propagating factors include rising incomes, increased smartphone usage and internet penetration. The Indian gaming industry alone has grown to over 190 million gamers. A significant portion of these gamers has the ambition of starting a gaming career online. Sadly, this career is not for everyone.

Professional gamers are not jacks of all trades. They hone their skills in one game, two at most. Once they have attained mastery of a game, they compete in various eSports associations and video game organisations. These games are either played online or offline. The Zen of Gaming can help you kickstart a successful gaming career. There are loads of Gaming Hacks tips, tricks and reviews to help you get started and lead you to success.