Redefining exactly what a Gamer is

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Redefining Gamer
BY Oliver ON 02 Nov 2022

Redefining exactly what a Gamer is

Gamers have always been identified as someone who like to play computer games or take part in role-playing games. This could be on a gaming console, laptop, computer, Tablet, TV set, mobile device or any compatible audio-visual device. But not everyone who plays computer games qualifies to be called a Gamer.

Gamer is more a culture, a lifesty

Often private, even reclusive, the typical gamer is an introvert who often operates best in solo mode. This applies both online and in real life, or “IRL,” as a true Gamer would say. They have a subculture and language which is used to identify counterparts, to acknowledge and then ignore them. Gamers fly solo.

Gamers are known to flock together for special events, even to form teams and alliances that bind like blood. Competitive gaming has several disciplines where teamwork is essential and it is for these events that gamers tweak the code: “We’ll team up, win this thing, take our trophies and accolades, and then ignore each other again.”

Gamers love their alternate reality

Real Gamers speak of in-game characters as they’d speak of real people. People with personalities, motives, and agendas, who are just like real people. Because for a certain level of Gamer, virtual reality, is, well, like virtual, virtually. And if that makes absolutely no sense to you, you are not a gamer.