Streetwize Accessories Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit

Streetwize Accessories Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit
Brand: Streetwize Accessories
Color: One Colour
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Drive safe with the Streetwize Accessories Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit. Get tyre pressures of all 4 tyres at the same time with this vehicle tyre pressure monitoring system. Suitable for cars, vans, SUV, 4x4s, caravans and motorhomes. The system is dual powered and can be charged via USB and through its built-in solar panel, which keeps running costs low while ensuring the system is available during both day and night. The kit includes 4 sensors which are linked to the main system through Bluetooth connectivity to provide real-time readings on tyre pressure and temperature. Depth: 13 CM • Vehicle tyre pressure monitoring system • Bluetooth connectivity • Includes four sensors that fitted to the tyre’s valves • Dual powered - solar power and USB powered • Reads in both psi and bar • Max. signal reach: 30 metres • 6 warning messages including; fast air loss, slow air loss, low battery, low pressure, high pressure warning, high temperature warning Height: 4.5 CM Width: 18 CM